Giving Thanks this Lent

In time for the Lenten season and the recent positive developments following Lola’s operation, our rather large family had a sort of pilgrimage to St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish in Tiwi, Albay last Sunday. It was a rare opportunity for Lola’s children and godchildren to come together as one in celebration and thanks giving for the many beautiful things that we have been blessed with over the past few months.

church exterioraltar baptism church interior

While there were trials, particularly Lola’s condition, the family hand in hand managed and really prayed hard to keep it together. And yes, it all paid up in the end. Lola had her followup checkup yesterday and the doctors have only good news for us to hear.


Aside from Lola’s recovery, my cousins also did well in school. Most of them. And my youngest sister just graduated from High School and passed her university exam. Meanwhile, Kuya’s soon-to-be-born has been identified by the ultrasound as a bouncing baby girl. Yas! She will be my first niece and I am so excited to see her anytime soon. Blessings are overflowing indeed.

Also, Lola’s yearly panata, the Pasyon, was also celebrated at home last Saturday. It was supposed to be done weeks ago but since Lola was still recuperating, we postponed it, and decided to schedule it a day before our Thanksgiving mass. Pasyon or Pabasa is a Catholic tradition of singing verses from the book of passion, paying homage and in remembrance of Christ’s sufferings and other important anecdotes in the bible. The actual singing could last for over twelve hours, and is done mostly by experience and trained elderly who have mastered the art. This is also a form of sacrifice for some faithfuls, in time of the Holy Week.

familygoing there 2

Meanwhile, back to our trip to Tiwi. We left home at around 6AM. Travel time was more or less an hour. Since the mass was halfway through when we arrived, we waited for the next mass that was celebrated immediately after the first mass ended. It was a beautiful experience to have heard mass intently for the first time again in a long time. It gives me renewed faith. Plus, being with family makes it more heartfelt.

The Lenten Season for me is a time to celebrate God’s blessings and remember what He has done and will always do for us. What better way to do this that loving our families, and always Giving Thanks for the life we have on earth. Have a meaningful Holy Week break, friends.


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