It’s summer once again, and in Albay, that means it’s time for the annual Daragang Magayon Festival! For starters, the festival is actually a province-wide celebration of the Albayano culture mainly focused on Daragang Magayon (literally ‘beautiful lady’), the majestic Mayon Volcano.

Daragang Magayon Festival 2015

Daragang Magayon, the legend, tells the story of two star-crossed lovers named Magayon and Panganuron whose great love ended in tragedy, but is immortalized by the now world-famous Mayon Volcano which is supposed to be the tomb of the legend’s main heroine.

Daragang Magayon Festival 2015

Banking on this narrative, the government for years now has been holding the annual festival – a month-long showcase of Albay’s rich culture, warm weather, exotic (and spicy) food, music, pageantry, arts and crafts, and so much more. This year, the festival begins on April 5 and culminates on May 5. Aside from the street presentations, pageants, band fests which are festival mainstays, Albay also puts a spotlight on the different sectors of the society such s education, sports, the indigenous peoples, as well as the different municipalities given a chance to showcase their own programs and festivities.

Daragang Magayon Festival 2015

For the schedule of activities, please visit http://albay.gov.ph/daragang-magayon-2015-calendar-of-activities/



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