To A Best Friend

sarahI could not think of any other way to make a more special greeting, so bear with this.

Well, whenever I look a few years back into this piece of life, images of very special people appear like shooting stars in an April night sky. Yours is among the largest, almost too large and bright that it could potentially outshine the moon. You probably are brighter than the cosmos altogether. You are some serious beacon of light. When I was in the dark looking for my face, your light was there like a burning candle on a power-interrupted Saturday evening. And when I failed and got bruises on my knees and chest and face again (which explains it), the healing power of your UV rays stopped the bleeding (No approved therapeutic claims).


You are one of the few people I could trust with my life. With you, I can be honest. I can say rude things like ‘Your arms are too muscular and your hips are too flat and your, oh sorry that’s enough for now’ and you can hit back. Don’t you dare? We can hurt each other in the process and cry and laugh at the same time. We can be sarcastic, which is my nature. We can fight, you being the more physical. It doesn’t take much to start a feud actually. We can hate each other for a day, a week, longer. That’s normal if you care for the person, right?

And you are a complete opposite of me. If you were the Elsa I would probably be The Human Torch or a river of fire. And if you were sili ice cream I would probably be a chocolate fondue. If you were the sweet-voiced pop singer on a variety show, I would be the TV Audience criticizing not your voice but how mismatched the ocean blue dress is to a pair of black wedges the singer beside you is wearing.

Seriously, I believe I know you well enough. You are a mess, a beautiful mess. You are the girl who has a heart bigger than her head. You are the same person who yells, and shouts, and screams when she’s excited, or happy, or nervous. You are the same girl with the big appetite, and an equally large amount of compassion. You are the girl who loves the neck part most in a chicken, whose life hero is probably Spongebob. You are that girl who had issues about how she looks, but knows how to see the beauty there is in others.

You are that woman who empowered herself through the scars that were once painful but are now healed. You are the beauty queen not on that stage wearing a fancy tiara, but inside a home, with the family you truly love, where you are your simplest, most imperfect – the same best friend I am talking about.


2 thoughts on “To A Best Friend

  1. Wow Ryan! This is so special and so beautiful! Thank you for your friendship with Sarah, you know her so well, you really understand her true beauty. 🙂 thank you for your love for her. You are the ultimate Aussie definition of a mate. 🙂

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