Pinamuntugan Island: A Throwback

Summer is here and now. Thanks to the rising temperature, people are abuzz exploring the best destinations here and elsewhere. And what better way to beat the heat than go to the beach?

shellsAlbay, my most beautiful homeland, practically has everything when it comes to summer escapes. Mountains, waterfalls, parks, the Mayon volcano experiece, and of course, beaches. Aside from the many beach resorts along its coasts, exotic island destinations separated from the mainland are also worth exploring.

Pinamuntugan Island located in Bacacay is an untamed paradise which has began to capture tourism appeal. And I got to ‘reach’ this exotic island last year. I said ‘reach’ because we only stayed there for at least 15 minutes and left for another island. Travel time to the same is about an hour from Bacacay proper, but the sparkling white sand and its blue waters was well worth it.

theboatwhite sandWe boarded this small sea vessel owned by my uncle. It was a family day so we were pretty much loaded. However, only myself and five others had the chance to actually set foot at the main island since it was far off. The rest had to be unloaded into another island. On the way to the island itself, we passed by a number of smaller islands that also have fine white sand shores. Lucky us! 🙂

me mepeace signIt was a very short stay and it was really bitin. So I promised myself that we will be coming back this year to fully enjoy the Pinamuntugan experience. I am now just counting the days til we go back there again.I cannot wait. that blue sea yeeha


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