Sand, Sea, and Sunset: The Subic Beach Experience

20686_844012072314972_839564077767181346_nI have never seen a sunset as beautiful as this. And it took hours of travel via land and water just to get a glimpse of this glorious scene. But it was well worth every second!

April 25, 2015 was a beautiful Saturday morning. Woke up earlier than usual to make it to Legazpi by 6 AM – the scheduled assembly time for our company’s annual outing. The destination – the famed Subic Beach in Brgy Calintaan, Matnog, Sorsogon!

THE ROAD TRIP. Of course we left on time. Haha. I so hope we did but truth is , we left Legazpi at 6:45 AM due to reasons you know. So it will be a long trip, but everyone was in high spirits and there was no chance to sleep during the trip. Good thing, our resident clowns kept the air warm with laughter. Soon enough, we were in Sorsogon. The long three hours spent on the road was tiring in the back and neck. Plus, I was already hungry considering I did not take anything for breakfast back home.

10365894_844007285648784_1914009875488587066_n 11178258_844007375648775_996933905309608565_n11083838_844009362315243_1594756895967682314_n11178276_844009278981918_8282179537970321846_n11148439_844011512315028_3426042617274765673_nTHE BOAT RIDE. However, we had to travel for another hour or so this time by water to get to our destination. We boarded a 20-seater motorboat from Matnog Port to Subic Beach. The waves were rocking the boat literally, and it was adding to the excitement.


10373775_844011752315004_2368708069302867980_n 11115602_844007555648757_7601097864317229710_n 11182088_844007598982086_583144170140957581_n11039288_844009212315258_92814437767237152_n 11193245_844007698982076_8186267055740564815_n11187451_843976895651823_1808607460_oTHE BEACH. I did not exclaim exaggerations but the place deserves the raves it’s been getting. The fine white sandy shore is a vision and the water is just immaculate. There are no hotels yet in the area, but there are huts and a few houses built, probably owned by local caretakers. It was pretty jam-packed when we arrived. I heard someone said Boracay was nothing compared to Subic Beach. Second-hand information, gotta see to believe.
11109510_844011432315036_6779493773742903942_n 11174842_844011038981742_7365761710716824272_n 11182214_844010975648415_4644728291084143647_nTHE CAVE. As if indulging into the beautiful beach, burning our skin was not enough, we also got to explore a nearby cave – my first time! We boarded the boat again, wore life vests and reached the cave site in around 10 minutes. I was told that we’ll have to swim into the cave, and I was scared but was determined to give it a try. Now or never. So I gathered all the courage that the universe could give and jumped off the boat. Thanks to a rope tied to the cave’s opening, I successfully dragged my bod into the cave. Clinging to the rocks and into some people’s shirts and arms, I reached the interior and it was a sight to behold. Nothing short of majestic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring a camera inside so I didn’t get to take a photo of the cave, so no spoilers!
10646854_844011888981657_6971207395135761500_n 11175018_844011978981648_9152749544311705569_n 11182138_844012042314975_1622473984243743848_nTHE LAGOON. Before it was time to head home, we also got to pass an aquatic sanctuary located within the area. there were souvenirs being sold at a small sari-sari store. The experience was enough of a souvenir for me so I did not bother getting any, aside from the pictures of course.
20686_844012072314972_839564077767181346_nTHE SUNSET. It was 6PM and everyone was starting to get drowsy. The boat ride back to Matnog Port was an experience in itself. The sky slowly transformed from  blue into gold and then red, and a million other colors all in one. I swear it was the most beautiful sunset I have seen in my life, and I am not exaggerating. We were quiet spectators of a beautiful and divine work of art unfolding right before our very eyes. We were awed, and silenced.


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