Good Friends, Good Times

groufie-jade.2jpgWhen my good friend Kath said she will be coming home from Dubai this month, I was immediately thrilled as this meant we would get to bond and have a blast after two years that she has been away working. She really wanted to meet her old friends, and we are no different. Initial plans were set and we were off to a white beach overnight swimming party in Manito. The excitement was peaking as the date approached. UNTIL, the venue was no longer available during the time we initially scheduled. Well, shizz happens so we had to go back to zero.

PLAN B. It was either we push through at Manito on another date or choose another place elsewhere. The latter was more practical given the time, budget and logistics concerns. But it was not about the place, it was about the people you will spend good times with, well, that’s the truth and not just some sort of consolation, if anything. Haha. So we headed to this spring resort in Tagas called Bens’. The place was nice, not too special and not cringe-worthy either.

theplacetheplace2thepoolChecked in our room, and fun started. Well, it was catching up, laughing and giggling. Some had serious matters to talk about, well, more of heart stuff I don’t really know much about. Food – we cooked our own. And of course, everybody had a lot of selfies.

foodieOwen’s grilled chicken recipe was spot-on, a blockbuster hit and a must-try. (That’s more than a handful of praise, Ow) And it was literally the bida of the dinner besides the laughter and the never-ending retro of anecdotes from four years ago and even older.dinner

foodie2groufie-jadeThese guys and girls have changed- not rubbing it in but everyone’s gained a few pounds really. Haha. Kidding aside, who cares? Everybody’s doing pretty well, issues here and there but that’s just life and we pretty much know it is how it was written. More than what has changed, their souls remain the warmest!

groupie-gilds3 groupie-gilds4


family karla

Me just goofing around and laughing with the best people I know. Nothing beats the comfort of knowing that you can be yourself around people who truly know and understand you from a deeper, more mature and more open-minded perspective.r rr rrtyhb unavitacollage us

pauwi-gildsOf course, another shot just before we say goodbye to our host for the night.

More than all the change time has brought to each of us individually, we are the same loud, sarcastic, hyper barkada just like the good old times. There remain remains the great friendships built, strong like mountains.



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