New Chapters

Seeing friends of mine take big leaps in their lives, open new chapters and embrace all the change they entail, feels overwhelmingly emotional. It is not only because of the surge of change that gives us a pounding in the heart but the fact that our world becomes wider and wider each day as we meet new people and open our lives to them.

These thoughts basically sum up my feelings as I share one beautiful news- my best friend’s wedding. No, it has not happened yet and wouldn’t until the next six months but as early as now, I am already drowning in very weird emotions. I don’t know. It’s just that I feel like ‘Hell yeah, this is it, she’s marrying’. For real. She will be a Mrs.!

friendsI am extremely happy and excited that she is about to make a dream come true, tie lives with the man of his dreams, and build a family very very soon. Everything in the past, beautiful and not, lead to this one great day. They say it is every girl’s dream to walk the aisle to the man of his dreams and begin Forever in front of God.

More than the feels of a best friend is that she had entrusted me to sketch her wedding gown. The pressure is colossal but the pride and honor and joy to be given the opportunity is much much bigger. I will be grateful forever.

To new chapters! To great friendships!


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