From a Kuya

Thanks to Facebook, among other social media platforms, it is now so much easier to get updated with the lives of people close to you, more importantly those who you don’t get to see or talk to very often. Aside from that, we can also conveniently reconnect with friends, acquaintances who we may or may not have heard of for a long time.

Days ago, I had a new friend request from a girl who I thought I knew but couldn’t quite figure out although she looked vaguely familiar. Blame it on my old age. I confirmed the request anyway.

And now I was pleasantly surprised that she sent me a message asking if I still know her. It was an awkward question to answer of course. Although a personal encounter would be much more difficult to handle.

So politely, I just said, “Sorry, I know you but I can’t remember your real name (I was pretty sure she was using a slightly different display name on her account) :)” I thought the smiley icon would make it less shameful for me. And then she said her real name and somehow lightning struck my memory and remembered who she was.

This teenage girl now used to be a pre-teen back when I was still volunteering at Simon of Cyrene. I am quite surprised she still remembered me, considering it has been almost five years. I learned she’s now in La Union and studying as a College freshie.

As a Kuya, I of course advised her to study hard 🙂


It was pleasantly inspiring how this very short conversation, aside from reminding me my age, made me feel a deep sense of nostalgia. It has been over five years and yet these kids err teenagers still remember me. I mean, who was I to be remembered? It humbles me how I may have left even a small impact into their lives with the very small things I may have done for them. Makes me think that volunteering for Simon of Cyrene’s CARE Program was probably the one sure right thing I did in my life.

I will be forever grateful that once in my life, I became a Kuya worth remembering.


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