Muladbucad: A Sky Full of Stars

Fighting my inner demons and going through the last couple of weeks has not been easy. Issues at work and home needed to be dealt with. But thanks to some friends’ pieces of advice and a drive to gain personal awakening, I got to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And because of that, I deserve to reward myself. What better way to do this than commune with nature – the sea – my quintessential source of power.

Cut the story short. This post will be about my recent trip to Manito – where the sun, sea, sand, and stars met in one wonderful rendezvous.

manito shorelineDestination is the still-very-laidback Muladbucad White Beach in Barangay Hologan, Manito, Albay. The coastal town of Manito is located at the southeast of Albay, and travel time was roughly two hours from the city of Legazpi. The trip can be taxing especially if you will commute since you’ll need to wait for the scheduled trips. Lucky for myself and teammates we hired a jeepney that will make the trip more comfortable and less stressing.

So we left at half past 2PM and reached Manito proper at around 4PM. From the town’s Centro, the beach of our choice is another 20-minute ride. Upon arrival, you will have to follow a pavement trail for another 10 to 15 minutes to finally reach the shore. It can be a bit tiresome but it sure gives you some good panting.


sandshoefieWhen you finally reach the shore, you are greeted by their beige/white-ish sand. The shoreline is relatively short compared to other beaches I have been to, but the charm of the place lies on its simplicity, mainly because it is not yet populated by establishments like bars or hotels. The only amenities present are cottages that offer relatively cheaper rental charges than mainstream beach destinations.

bonfireThe night is almost serene. Spare for a videoke machine running til past midnight and some loud laughter from fellow tourists, all you can hear are the sound of crickets, the blowing wind and the gentle waves kissing the shore. Such a scene is, of course, perfect for a bonfire, some alcohol to set the mood, good old music, and good company. And that is what we came there for.

sunriseThe morning after, you are greeted by a glorious sunrise, whether you have fallen to sleep or not the night before. If this sunrise is what wakes you up, how can you not stand up, grab your camera and take a major selfie.


teamYou surely cannot resist this crystal clear water and dive in for as long as you can. Sunburn sunburn sunburn. No good things last. Thank God for cameras, memories are now easier to capture. Selfies don’t hurt. But if you’re old school, sea shells tell stories pretty well, too. memorieshausflower11752497_880077742041738_1834251368775342031_nUntil next time, Muladbucad. You were beautiful. ❤


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