25 Things I need to do/have/be before I turn (Oh No) 25!

So a month ago, we all woke up after that Blue Moon and voila, it’s August. And all hell broke loose. LOL. That means it is at least 8 months before I flip another page (although it hurts to) and turn a year older. I will be 25!!! I still feel and look 21 though. No, your opinion doesn’t matter. Haha

And because I love to list things, I have decided to make another list called #25for25: The 25 things I need to do/have/be before I turn 25.

This list is, as always, all-in everything. So it could range from really cute to really silly. Whatever goes! So let me start.

  1. Take a selfie at Misibis Eco-Park. Haven’t been there. Gotta be there.
  2. Shout my name atop one of the famed Quitinday Hills of Camalig!
  3. Cook some barbeque and dance around bonfire with my Diamonds. #FriendshipGoals
  4. Buy a new backpack – a blue one with two side-pockets! Yass
  5. Get my skin burned AGAIN at Pinamuntugan Island.
  6. Read a really good book I am yet to find. Any?
  7. Fill one Google search page for #sketchophrenic
  8. 250 Instagram followers!!
  9. Compile my sketches into a book.
  10. And buy a sketchbook.
  11. See some of them drawings become the real thing (in a wedding or two perhaps?).
  12. Learn how to sew.
  13. And sew a garment. Help me God.
  14. Have my own room 25 years later.
  15. Admire the sunrise at my lola’s house which I miss badly.
  16. Have my flat tummy back. (Although curl-ups are killing me. Literally.)
  17. Buy new glasses for ze eyes.
  18. Visit the dentist for the first time.
  19. Buy myself a pair of Dr Martens, doesn’t matter if it’s preloved! #GOALS
  20. Take my Mama to a stroll at Legazpi Boulevard.
  21. And have my photo taken at the ‘LEGAZPI’ signage.
  22. Write a poem.
  23. Grow my hair so long and…
  24. Be blonde. Platinum blonde.
  25. And finally, Get inked. Okay. Although I gotta think about this. A LOT.

Work to be done, Gotta start kicking.


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