Goodbye, 2015


And here we are in the year called 2016. Fireworks! Woah! But before 2016 starts igniting, I will as customary, relive the amazing 2015 and the many amazingly amazing things, people and events that made this year amazing. Did I mention 2015 was amazing?

First off, my Queen Pia won that blue sapphire and diamond-encrusted DIC crown in the Miss Universe pageant held in Las Vegas. Anyone close to me and who follows me on social media knows how much of a fan I am. But not everybody knows I have been a supporter of Pia since 2013 (she was runner up to Ara who competed and eventually placed Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up that year). I have fervently wished that Pia make it the next year and finally win that crown for the Philippines. But we all know what happened in 2014. So, 2015 was her last chance and I knew it was gonna be her. I can go on and on and make this feel like a Pia article so before that happens, let me cut this short now. Congrats Pia!

So speaking of beauty pageants, my best friend who happens to be a former beauty queen (that segue was hard) got married on December 29th. Wow. I was just so thrilled, overwhelmed, and just deeply, deeply proud to have witnessed a beautiful moment unfolding right before my eyes. Of course, add to that the fact that I sketched the designs for her wedding dress and the female entourage – which turned out well for most part. That was an exclamation point to my year, but more than my ‘honor’ and ‘pleasure’, I just felt so genuinely happy to see how loved and happy my Sarah is, not only by her now-husband Tom but by his family. Sarah: I am going to miss you baby now that you have just added wife to your resume. Gosh. But cheers to a beautiful life ahead, many beautiful children included, and keep in touch from down under.

And it was not the only wedding of the year. I got to two more, both of my friends’ so there must be something in 2015 that made people want to get hitched.

On a personal level, my marriage to 2015 has been challenging. Work has been a seesaw, as all things are in reality. This being the reason I didn’t get to update this blog so often. But, All is well now. Coping was key. Getting used to the fluctuations and tribulations was necessary. And being just chill, plain and simple, was the best way to go about all the stress. No pragmatic analysis. Just let things be. It can be really hard, depressing even, but once you surrender everything to the universe, the ocean becomes calmer. But of course, you still get a storm once in a while. That’s nature.

And what storms? My mental health remains in check, for one. Kidding aside, I also had to take good care of myself because this is the only life I can lease. I wish there was more lives when I win gems as in a gaming app, but this is real life so there are no such things. So in reality, you can get sick. I wouldn’t even consider it a health scare because I did not at any point felt scared to die (which was OA), but it was more of I want to live without limits and I should be able to do that. And the only way was to get well by medication. Long medication. Knowing myself too well as someone who has maiksing pisi, it is not easy to incorporate a new item like taking prescription med into my daily routine. That was a tad challenging huh. But needs to be done nonetheless para sa bayan.

So 2015 came to a close with the same old love, and new ones. Friends, that is. Nakakasawa na, actually. Haha. Seriously, let me give some very special mention to my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Research Team, et al. It’s been only a year since I have been part of this group but I have never felt so comfortable, so welcomed, so warm, and that’s a positive manifestation for most part. I am just as excited to enjoy more sleepovers, more Puro sessions, more foodtrips, more parties, more team buildings, more lunch dates, more laughter, more walks with all of you. This is quite cheesy now so let me just keep it short and sweet. I love you guys.

Same love and cheers and hugs and hugs and hugs to my old friends whom I don’t get to see very often but I have never ever burned bridges with-you know who you are. I always find time. Because really, you can never be too busy for a friend. I have always believed that the greatest gift you can give people you love is time, because when you give your time, you give a part of yourself that you can never take back. And every second you spend with them becomes a memory to keep. I may be the sarcastic guy, the bully, the bitter-and-harsh-lemme-give-you-reality-check kind of adviser, but that’s just how I want to be remembered for – someone who does not just agree with what you think but lets you see into the other side of the discourse – someone who lets you weigh your options – someone who speaks on behalf of the other side – someone you can debate with – someone who can stand as the devil’s advocate. Yes, and I got big horns. My real friends, and my family, know that for a fact, and I believe, I’d like to believe, that they love and need me because I am that kind of person.

Which leads me to this major point. 2015 has been a year of self-awareness; a year of opened doors and warm welcomes. I am grateful that I now live outside of the box as opposed to inside it. And the outside is full of love, it is almost overflowing. Because the world, the universe rather, does not breathe air, it breathes love.






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