San Miguel: Island Daydreaming

I have come to realize recently that I am in love. Yes, it is true love – a deep feeling of belongingness and attachment. But no, not to any person. In fact, I am in love with the ocean.


As such, it is fitting that one of the items on my 2016 list is to explore as many local beaches as possible within the year. Well, I certainly do not have the pocket to actually splurge on posh vacations but being in company with my element doesn’t need to be expensive, right? After all, this beautiful country has 7,107 islands, or have I lost count?

The weekend was another beautiful experience for this thalassophile. Together with my team, we headed to a laidback beach destination that is only a few hours away from Legazpi City – San Miguel Island. A landmass located in Lagonoy Gulf, San Miguel falls under the territory of Tabaco City. The island itself comprises five barangays including Rawis – our home for the weekend.



Boarding a bangka from Tabaco City Port, it took around 30 minutes to set foot at Barangay Rawis’ shoreline. The sand is not as powdery or as white as other beaches we have been to. In fact, it is not at all white but brownish. Nevertheless, the island’s charm I would say lies on the serenity and simplicity it could offer to travelers.


Staying for the weekend was great fun, considering we found a nice house with three rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and a videoke machine. We learned about Blue Island Resort via Facebook, but if you haven’t heard of it before, fret not. You are not alone. Amenities were mostly okay but minus points for the water supply which had some trouble. Good thing we bought our own drinking water, which is always necessary for any getaway.


Food was delightful I suppose, because I did most of the cooking. Haha. I was thrilled to actually cook for real at a resort, hassle-free, no fuss. Good that they had a refrigerator, a stove, a sink, and really useful utensils. I fell in love with the kitchen. That was the reason I didn’t get to join the booze session which I really was avoiding for health reasons. Nevertheless, just being able to cook for new and old friends and colleagues was a pleasure in itself so I got no complaints. Good job to me!




Considering that the trip was relatively low-budget and a product of bayanihan, San Miguel was enough to quench my ocean thirst – keep me calm and recharged over the weekend. If you are looking for a place where you can just pause and forget about anything, then it would probably be a breath of fresh air.

At the end of the day, the company you have, the experience you get, and the happiness you take away with you are still most important. And, never forget to take pictures.





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