A Letter

I am poor. I am ugly. I am insecure. I am not motivated. I am sad. I am ugly. I am sick. I am dying. I am alone. I am alone also. I am uninspired. I am gonna die. No, I am not. No I can’t because I am poor.

I am late today.

I am all that but I choose to love my life, live my life, love others, love my God. I am all that because all that is beautiful; all that is the reason I am me. The only thing I can be proud of is I am me.

Baka nga iba na ako
O baka nga ganito talaga ako.
Pero wala akong gustong mabago.
I’d like to believe that this is the best version of me yet.
I am in shit. But I choose to be strong because I am the only one who can do that for myself.
 I just want you to realize that I love you and you need to be strong. Because I am being strong.
I am being strong because I want to see better days. I still have hope, and dreams, and you are part of those beautiful tomorrows.
I want to see you and your family grow. i want to witness that for myself. I want to see things that I cannot have for my own.
I will be very happy if at the end of this road, I know I have seen that much beauty unfold before my eyes, even just before my eyes. That would be enough. And that would be worth all this… All that is here now.

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