Kid for an Hour @ KC Land

So I was itching again to go somewhere during the weekend – coincidentally payday, which means I had just a couple of bucks to spare. And because I’m on tight budget, the only way for my craving to be satisfied is find a place that will be fun, time-friendly but will be worth my every cent.

And I have found the best place. KC LAND!


Yes, the place stays true to its name, or how it sounds. Probably playing some homage to Disneyland (I am only assuming this. LOL), this mini park is located in Barangay Cabagnan, Tabaco City, a few minutes away from the city centre. In our case, we boarded a tricycle and paid a little over a hundred. It wasn’t on me, so I had no idea about how they settled it. Haha.

Although still partly under works, the caretakers willingly welcomed our team into the gated property, and we just paid a small amount for the entrance fee. That means. My criteria for time-friendly and budget-wise were satisfied. Great job!





The child-friendly park boasts its warmly-colored green fields, fish ponds, and cottages. There is also a two-storey house at the center which hopefully will be available to accommodate guests once they formally open. Some birds inside a mini bird cage and fowls on the loose add some noise to the breeze.

What is also very nice about this little park is that there are, in fact, a million opportunities for selfies, group pictures, name it. You just need your creativity to work on this. Of course, our group took advantage and did our very own photoshoot. That was inevitable, honestly.

12803222_983259305056914_4141126508080027419_n (2)12805780_983259168390261_5846327828498874548_n12821426_983259038390274_52513933177976008_n12814747_983259185056926_292029335531993519_n

All that said, one can only wish there was also a pool where guests can splurge on and get refreshed. Don’t we all love pools and swimming? Here’s to hoping they add this feature and will be available once we come back.



But the best piece of memory I took away from KC Land? That carefree, playful, fun hour you spend back as a child, again for a moment. After all, we are all kids no matter the age.


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