Misibis Bay: A Weekend Love Affair (First of Two Parts)

“Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.”-Andre Breton

So I went on a trip to Misibis Bay over the weekend and fell deeply in love. It was a deep sense of affection like no other. It was true. But like every love story that had been and will be told, everything ends.


Short, sweet, sunny – this pretty much sums up my recent two-days-and-a-night vacation to this beautiful island called Misibis. Fact Check: We are not talking about the Misibis Bay Resort here, although we technically set foot in the famed private getaway’s main gate. Yes, just the gate but I’ll talk about that in Part 2. Well, more appropriately, we visited the barangay where Misibis Bay Resort is located. Geographically, our destination lies south of Cagraray Island, facing Rapu-Rapu. How did I know? Google.


It is common knowledge that Misibis Bay is famous for its white sand beaches, which we came there for. But man, we never thought we would get so much more than just that!

FLASHBACK. But first, we had to travel a few hours by land and water to get to this weekend destination. Since my uncle owns a motorized bangka, we just agreed to hire him to get us to and from the island. We decided to meet around 7AM in Sto. Domingo, which is the gateway to Misibis. We had to buy some supplies before going on a 30-minute tricycle ride to Bariw, my Mama’s birthplace, where my Tito the boatman was waiting for us. We also had to pass by Pili Port to make sundo one of our friends whose friend will be our host for the next two days.

(TIP: Aside from travelling by water, Misibis Bay can also be reached by land via a bridge near Sula Channel that connects the island to the mainland, but we wanted the long ride and the waves.)

12884346_991335400915971_1049023021_n12884583_991337070915804_638189362_n (1)

BLUE ALL OVER. From Pili, it took around an hour to reach Misibis Bay. It was a particularly warm Saturday. Sun was up, and the sky and the sea were out-BLUE-ing each other. We also got to see some other beautiful beaches and spots on our way to Misibis. It was a feast for the eyes and the soul.

1468669_1053631208035643_8313332122040693528_n12527707_991335437582634_636902912_n12674196_990578010991710_116049149_n (1)

FINALLY. Setting foot on the island, I could already smell adventure. It was almost noon when we reached the area and something we did not expect was coming for us – an adventure that makes you tired, sweaty, thirsty, smelly, happy, excited and possibly dying all in one. You see, we also needed to go hill-hiking to the house of our host, which literally sits atop a hill from where the view of the beach is sublime. It was worth every drop of sweat but God it’s not for the faint heart.12007247_991335357582642_1142917342_n12380428_991335287582649_268445480_n.



FEELS AT HOME. So after meeting our welcoming hosts (Yos and Kog and their daughters Aliyah and Kugay), some joyful chat and gasping for our breath, it was time for lunch. It was way too cozy that instead of going somewhere else, we just decided to spend the afternoon taking photos and napping. What a life, right?


BEACH. And then it was 4PM and time for the beach, after getting stuffed with a hearty snack. Our host Yos then volunteered to bring us (Backriding!) to a public beach area called Mosboron to finally taste the water. We were quite abusado, I mean pampered. Haha. After some 10 minutes following a concrete path, there we were at the beach! And then, we let the photos speak.



MOONLIGHT. Dinner was served, and we got share it with two more friends who had to make habol later the day because of prior commitments. Soon after, it was time for the bonfire and marshmallows and music and laughter. We called it a day early because the next day will demand our energy.


IT DAWNED ON ME. But oops, it rained sometime around midnight and we had to be evacuated from the tent that got a little bit flooded. It was cold and I needed coffee – which leads to me being awake from 2AM waiting for the sun to rise. Good thing, Mr. Sun never fails to impress. And as expected, I took a hundred photos of probably the most perfect, most beautiful sunrise I have seen ever. (The photo below is even more amazing thanks to the bird that flew by while the shot was taken.)


Part 2 and more love coming soon.



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