Misibis Bay: A Weekend Love Affair (Part 2)


Previously, I shared our first day experience in the beautiful island of Misibis. And fittingly, I must now share to you how our second day fared, and man, it was more awesome.

So I woke up really early because of a few reasons: I was awakened when it rained past midnight and I had to evacuate from our tent; I indulged in strong coffee (yung kaya kang ipaglaban) because it was cold; and I was excited for the sunrise.

So at past 7AM after we have acquired enough energy from the awe-inspiring sunrise, it was time for new adventure. And coincidentally, the destination is Cagragay Eco-Energy Park. Situated right beside the Misibis Bay Private Residential Resort, the eco-park boasts a few attractions that we need to explore. (Of course, the promised photo-op with the resort gate)


Upon entrance, you are greeted by this beautiful Amphitheatre leading to a central stage that features the splendid beach as its backdrop. There are five giant stone pillars mounted on the stage and I reckon they represent the five elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Love – Okay I made it all up. Haha) I also counted the steps and there were 36. You can check that out when you come. Hopefully I counted right.


Oops, I forgot to mention that you need to pay a minimal entrance fee of Php25 at the entrance. The amount goes to the local government of Bacacay, since Cagraray is covered by the same LGU which owns maintains the park.


We then proceeded to check out the Hanging Bridge which somehow failed my expectations. Alright, I was expecting 100 meters of cliffhanging excitement but oh it was too short – literally just a few steps. Anyways, the bridge leads to the Swimming Pools (one for the adults and one for kids) and cottages. (Side note: I was back to this place the week after to celebrate Easter with my best friend’s family so I was able to experience the pool. It was okay.)

And then we hiked a little. God, it was good thing we wore running shoes to the park because we had to walk in a hilly, steep road leading to the Stella Maris Chapel. It was worth it though, because the view from the chapel was worth a million bucks. I had to literally lay down on the pavement because I was quite tired but it was all worth it.

chapel iewchurch



And then it was the final spot- the Zip Line! Yes it’s time to face some fears. Okay, I’m not really acrophobic although I can get dizzy looking down from a high position but I have never tried a zip line or anything risky or dangerous before (or did I?) so I was so excited to try it. And then when it was my time, bam! The whole 100 meters’ way down took so quick and I wanted to do it again. I’ll have to go back again soon to do that.

zip achievezip

Overall, Cagraray Eco-Energy Park was serene, although it can get exciting too. There are, according to the caretakers, other adventures we can try but that will have to wait for next time.

So we then went back to our camp site and prepared to hit the beach again. This time the sun was visibly up and you can already imagine the amazing effects it can give your skin. But since this may never happen again so soon, why not splurge when the sun is too inviting?

swim 2swim

It was a sumptuous boodle fight for lunch after half a day of adventure. It was tiring overall but when you’re having fun, you can’t feel it YET.

I fell in love. It was a beautiful weekend to find your heart in a place where you can discover new things about yourself and the people around you. For two days, I felt closest to myself – to my realities and fantasies and what lies between them – my choices. And I have discovered that you can’t find love anywhere, it is already there inside you.

We left the beautiful island at around 1:30 PM with tanned skin, a lot of photographs on our phones and cameras, awesome experiences, renewed friendships, and a promise to be back again.


Update: The promise has been fulfilled. Too soon.




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