Chasing the Moon at Casa Mamita


Just like that, my journey to the next quarter life has begun. Flipping another page is not only nostalgic but also exciting. Either way, I intend to celebrate this chapter with and through little experiences that will awaken and broaden my senses, hopefully as often, as I become a better version of myself.

Speaking of experiences, I continue to explore my beloved homeland, which was my goal for the year. And as a lover of the sea, it’s a no-brainer that I splurged on another sea-scapade for my 25th; this time at a father spot in the province where they say the sunsets are most awe-inspiring – Oas!

But there is a catch: It was not a vacation. In reality, we went there for the company’s annual summer outing, which coincidentally was scheduled a week after my natal day. All things aside, this means another opportunity to commune with the sea where I always find my peace.

Our coasters left Legazpi at around 7:30 AM; we being excitedly anticipating a three-hour ride. I could have slept the whole time but the thought of me being in harmony with my element kept me too excited to even close my eyes. I was OA, yes.

off we go

We reached Casa Mamita Farm and Beach Resort at half past 10AM, when the sun was already so scorching that you need sunglasses on. First impressions about the place would include being quite spacious making it ideal for large groups especially up for some team building activities. They also have a wide array of choices for accommodation. For our group, the organizers opted to book the Pavilion which could host a good number of people, has its own CR, two beds at the ground, and two mezzanine bedrooms.


The beach itself has clear waters perfect for a no-filter panorama shot. But the shore fails in comparison with last year’s Subic Beach. Well to be fair, the shore is actually covered with pebbles rather than sand. Also, the seafloor close to the shore is vegetated with seaweeds so you can expect some little fishes, starfishes, and what not swimming along. Good news: There was no sight of sea urchins!




So after settling down and some early photo ops, our group began the scheduled activities with a very short opening program right before our boodle fight-themed lunch. Perhaps overwhelmed with the amount of food in front of me, I didn’t get to eat a lot. I was solved just seeing everyone enjoying their food. Well not really, truth is, I was being careful not to get a bloated stomach when I take photos later on. Take that as a tip. LOL.

After lunch, we were divided into five groups and given a few minutes to prepare a “cheer” that we get to present later on. You know the drill, it was game time after that. It was past 1PM and we were right at the feverish shore playing some parlor games. How good is that to my skin? But thanks to me being #KayumanggiProud, why should I even bother?



Game over. We at Green Team accumulated the second highest points and got ourselves some scarves as prize. Good enough.

With all the time left for the day, I changed to my swimming clothes and hit the beach- which was the main point in all there was. As customary, I also squeezed ample time for some photo-taking both as the subject and the photographer. But of course!

grass emotesunset emote


Almost everybody else left at 5PM. Only seven of us decided it was cool to stay overnight. I got a little bit frustrated at this point because I thought some others would be joining but changed their minds last minute. Good thing there was the most amazing sunset by the beach to console my pained heart – I swear.


So we enjoyed the night. The infinity pool was the perfect place to watch the sky turn into a kaleidoscope of colors, changing gradually right before your eyes. Dinner! Beer followed, coupled with lots of laughter as we got to know each other a little more. One reason I love spending the night, that’s because midnight conversations are always the most interesting.

sky colors

The gods of sleep called past midnight. I could already feel my body surrendering as I closed my eyes.

The next morning, I woke up pretty early because I always want to catch the sunrise – another must-do. If there is one thing I wouldn’t get tired of, that would be observing the sun eat out darkness. Unfortunately, the shore wasn’t at a strategic place to do so. What I marveled on instead was the moon reflecting its light at the calm sea. Beautiful and mysterious. More vitamin sea followed and some unexpected sighting of blue starfishes.





We knew the journey home would be long so we had to arrange for the staff to help us find a ride to the highway. Luckily, we didn’t need to wait forever because a jeepney en route to Polangui passed by soon enough. Three hours later, I was home, dead tired. Another one for the books.






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  1. Bernadette says:

    Hey Ryan! I love your review about Casa Mamita. I didn’t know you’re a blogger! I’m a fan!
    You never cease to amaze me with your talents. You really are full of surprises. Keep it up frenny.

    1. Hi. Thanks! How did you get here? Well, I’m not really comfy calling myself a “blogger”. I’m more of a blogging enthusiast. Haha.

      Anyways, enjoy Casa Mamita! 🙂

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