Thalassophile Diaries: Vanishing into the Sea


It is summer. The heat is on. And I have every reason to go to the beach. So I did. Again. This time, I packed my bags for a weekend island hopping with the family, although I’m not quite sure if you could call that an actual “island hopping.”

Our first destination was not really an island but a sand bar found in Malilipot, Albay. People famously call it “Vanishing Island” and as you might guess, the “island” only appears during low tide. It’s pretty much a large area and has been popularized via social media, particularly over Facebook.


Going there, you need to board a sea vessel of choice from any port in Albay but the nearest port would have to be Bacacay. For convenience, there are also tour packages offered for tourists who wish to visit the famed destination.


In our case, we had to DIY since my uncle owns a bangka that could accommodate up to 20 people. We left barangay Bariw in Bacacay (where my family lives) at around 8 AM and spent more or less an hour to reach Vanishing Island. There were already tourists occupying the floating cottages owned by locals (who live in an island nearby) when we arrived. Some have set up tents.

We had to wait for half an hour or so until the water level dropped and the sand bar showed. It was quite mesmerizing to actually stand on solid ground amidst the sea. It almost feels like walking on water.




There are no limits to the photo ops that you could get, but you need to find the angles and avoid photo bombers. You can also take photos of starfishes – there were a lot of them. But we were told you’re not supposed to hold them.



It was noon when we left – I think the sand bar wasn’t even fully showing – because we were going to another island to find shade and eat lunch.


We then proceeded to Omagob Island in Bacacay. It is tradition that we go there every summer as a family. This year is special because the tide is particularly low that you can see the corals from half the sea. It’s like the sea dried up, which means also that there is no more swimming for me. So I just took more photos of my sisters, ate, and took a nap under the shade.

Here’s excitedly waiting for the next beach escapade before summer ends. Meanwhile, chill. Til then.



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