Muladbucad: A First Meeting the Second Time Around


It was also in July last year when my team first discovered and frolicked in the white sand shores and clear waters of Muladbucad White Beach in Hologan, Manito, Albay. Arguably one of, if not, the most memorable weekend beach escapades for the team, it was but necessary that we go back once again to relish old memories and create new ones.


Ideally, the team was to leave Legazpi at 1PM. I wish we did but in reality, it was already half past 2PM when the jeepney started its 2-hour voyage to destination Manito. Your guesses as to why we left late are definitely correct.

Although the skies were prophetically as blue as the ocean that would meet us, it soon rained halfway on our way to Manito. Maybe the gods didn’t have the same sunny mood as we did. But we were gonna make it come rain come shine. As we hoped and thought, the sun was up, blazing, welcoming when we reached our home for the weekend.


Our accommodation was pre-booked through the help of Mitzi’s aunt who lives nearby. We were housed on the upper floor of a small cottage by the shore. It has a small room with two beds and a veranda overlooking the beach. Laidback perfection it is.





As soon as we settled, it was time for some beach volleyball, swimming, karaoke, and of course, photos! While I have been there once for real and a million times in my dreams, I still couldn’t get enough of the white beach. I mean, you know I can’t get enough of the ocean in general. Period.

We had a healthy dinner feast, and it was a lot more filling because you get to spend it with really nice people – however cheesy that sounds. The bonfire was waiting, consuming itself by the shore. The moon was hiding behind a dark group of clouds, seemingly shy. The waves were very gentle, almost inaudibly splashing in the sand. It was a dream.



Later some alcohol bottle was opened, and so was fun conversation. Time was dancing along, very slowly – intoxicating but not – as we roast some good old marshmallows and hotdogs. Well, this was what we came for – the serene that we are to break all night long. And everything stays there – not really. A few bottles after, amid the young night, we went back to the beach to dip and dive, because the water was too warm, too cozy for a human to resist.


The next day, the sun rose and painted the sky with a very vivid variety of colors. The ocean was as inviting as it was the day before, or even more. And you can’t blame us if we cannot say no to the summons.



We had to leave before noon but really, a part of me must have been left there at the beach. We could be back again to relive them, who knows?



Most of the photos are from bes Jhame. The underwater shot was thanks to bes Jessa. Much thanks! 



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