On Supermoons, Coffee, and the Thing they call Quarter Life


Alright. It’s Monday and as usual, the week is off to a dragging start. Something wrong with the access passwords, no breakfast, and the rain. “Adulting” is crazy. And it has never felt crazier than this.

I’m basically halfway through this phase they call 25! Is the ride oh so freaking fun so far? Negative. Aptly, they call it a crisis – a quarter life crisis! Quarter meaning you are supposed to live a hundred years although according to the WHO, the life expectancy worldwide is only 71.4 years in 2015. It is 2016 and we still don’t have cure for cancer – one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It doesn’t help that our lifestyles have changed drastically in such a fast-paced society.

But I digress. Who needs a hundred years to live (aside from that song) anyway when just being a 25-year old already sucks bigtime? You suck, deal with it. Oh well, let me count the ways. You are probably sitting right there facing your PC trying to come up with ways to not fall asleep because you have to either (1) finish work before the clocks ticks end of shift or (2) appear busy so that your boss won’t notice you’re just Googling stuff to get through the day – conspiracy theories about vampires living among us, how to cook beef stew, and the dreaded quarter life itself.

Basically anything that wakes you up. Which leads you to the favorite part: Coffee. Oh coffee! How to thank you enough? Imagine if coffee wasn’t even invented or discovered – which are two different things, of course. Coffee has saved your day more than your imaginary love life ever did! Oops still hot. You might as well marry coffee. Sigh.

Oh no that terrifying word – Marriage! That burglar that banged open the door of your favorite Friday night bar and kidnapped your friends, for good and permanently. Ever felt bitter?

And maybe, while they are meant to bask in the glory of married life, your destiny unfolds in a less conventional fashion – something otherworldly, like saving the world from zombies, predicting the Apocalypse, or finding the cure for a yet-to-be-known disease. The last one doesn’t make sense.

You feel alone and left out and scared. Cliché. Might as well book the next flight to Mars and never come back. Although you’d miss everyone including Pizza, Vodka, Frappe, and Instagram – your true real friends. Horror, right? So you would rather just stick right there at the couch and contemplate much deeper into the mysteries of your existence while munching your most unhealthy favorite chips. Diet is a friend you haven’t talked to since Prep School, and you didn’t even enroll.

So here you are – out of shape. Did I mention you’re also broke AF? I told you there is a long list and we aren’t even halfway through the first page of the first book of the first series. (And this is different from the series you have been binge-watching because  who cares).

So as you try to comprehend this world – philosophically now although you regret not listening to your Philo classes in college – you make a list in your head of the multitude of reasons why going back in time would have been helpful albeit absurd.

Could have.

Should have.

Would have.

But would you change a thing? Not really.

You still would love to make the stupid decisions – not grabbing the opportunities that once knocked because they didn’t feel right back then; not changing major because you were happy with the path you chose; not staying or not leaving when you had to. You look back and see how they all make sense backwards. Yes backwards.

It can only get better. Because now you know better and will do better.

And compare you must never! It’s a different game for you! You probably are better off hanging with fewer or more people. Probably, your creative juices come out when you are left alone, or in silence amidst nature or right at the center of a rally. Maybe you are for greater heights – literally a mountain climber. Who knows? Destiny, whether you believe it or not, will have something in store for you – sooner or later.

At the end of the day, you just have to live each day with a little greater optimism than the day before. It’s that little spark, that single moment of inner peace when you look up the sky tonight and speak no words at all but feel whole.

And it does help that tonight, the moon will be the biggest in 70 or so years.

Oh fudge! Will we even be here three quarters after? Never mind, this coffee is cold. Let me get another cup.


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