2016: The Year in Review

I am actually just dragging myself into writing this because (disclaimer) this will be about me, me, and me so you may want to leave.

Well you stayed. So my 2016 came and went away like a thief in the night, much like how a dictator was buried recently. 2016, just like every year that passed, is an amalgamation of good and bad, sweet and bitter, blah blah. Let’s start with the Philippines and USA electing new presidents! Let’s stop there.

Meanwhile, sweet has to include, me being a pageant freak, the Philippines placing in all beauty pageants year-round. I mean, if there is anything I have looked forward to that does not really directly include and affect me- that would be beauty pageants.

Sweet is also for friendships and family. Well there will always be challenges and roadblocks, which is a reality of life. But, we take it one step at a time and face all the hurdles, surrender all to the Power in the Universe.


Bitter pills. This was the year when I found out about this little health scare that had me taking medication for the longest seven months. Oh I could have had a fortune with the money I spent on drugs, but I am still pretty grateful I am now over it and did not need to feel afraid or alarmed because I had a supportive brood and set of friends that make light of the situation and assured it’s all going to be okay, however cliché as it may sound. And boy it all did turn okay. All is well that ends well, so the old adage says.

This year has been a whirlwind, maybe because it is the dreaded quarter life, which they call a crisis. Aptly, I have had to deal with so many inner demons. Oh well. When did I not?

I made a list last year of the 25 things I need to have or achieve now that I turned 25, but boy did I fail. But it did teach me a lesson, never make a list. Haha. Seriously, I realized how quickly my taste and preferences change. So basically the list of 25 things did not appeal as much to me now than it did a year ago. Maybe this is part of what they call “adulting”. Some days you like coffee, some days you like tea…oh forget it, I would kill for coffee.

Adulting is only when your friends get married one after the other, have kids, build a family, the whole nine yards. And you’re still enjoying your coffee watching things happen. Life is good.


Apparently, 25 is a middle-ish ground. It feels awkward identifying yourself with the young adults but it is also not very comfortable identifying with the older generation of career people. Well it is subjective and depends on how you are as a person, your interests, circles, stuff, but 25 teaches you to, or rather, lays it right before your eyes that you are already there. And the clock is ticking.


Well it’s not all bad. If anything, the year-to-end has been filled with beautiful adventures. This blog has been great witness to the little escapades I have gone into with dear people – friends, workmates, and family. Yes I am speaking of the ocean! How else can you know your home better than by tasting its water? Seascapes aside, these little adventures were also a way to get to know people better, because there is always something new to everyone no matter how familiar they may be to you.


Express. I learned to not be afraid of expressing myself, be it through what I say or wear or do, even when people do not understand or appreciate. I learned that it is not my obligation to please, and not my obligation to be pleased. I can go on and on. And this is not a lesson that has to be learned on a particular year, or day. It is a lesson of a lifetime.


All these little learning are thanks to the people who have made important “cameo” if this year was a movie. And do not fret I am not going to name them here.

So there, 2016, in all its weirdness, has been epic. E P I C. So let me just cap off the year with an epic photo to match. Have a blessed 2017, let us all.

Merry christmas.jpg




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