2016 YearEnder: Costa Monte


My 2016 has been a beautiful walk by the beach, so it is just fitting that I end the year with yet another sea escape to bring cheers and everything nice to the New Year. And I got lucky. My best friend who is back to the country for the holidays invited the gang to this new private resort in Bacacay.



The destination, which just opened early in December, is called Costa Monte Private Villa Resort. (The two aerial photos above are from their Facebook page linked) I’m guessing the name connotes something about the coast and the mountain, but that’s just a guess. Located in Hindi, Bacacay, Albay, the abode is just some 45 minutes from Legazpi. Six of us friends boarded the regular bus with a Legazpi-Tabaco route and got offloaded at Crossing Hindi. (You can go to Google Maps). From there, you can board a tricycle to the resort itself which would take maybe 10 minutes. In our case though, we got fetched from the crossing by my best friend’s dad so we’re cool.

The place was giving this modern, minimalistic, bachelor pad feel. It’s basically a white two-storey house with three rooms and five beds on the upper level. Downstairs, you have a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, and another spare area that could be used as sleeping quarters. There are two restrooms inside the house itself.



Outside, you have a swimming pool, a large enough lawn, a roofed dining area, a shower area, and – best of all – the panoramic view of the sea. So it’s basically a townhouse by the sea – for hire.



Aside from a mini get together with her family and friends, it was also my best friend’s wedding anniversary so it was kind of a three-in-one celebration. (Side Note: It was so sweet how her brothers prepared a short skit re-enacting some stages of the couple’s relationship. It ended with her walking the aisle and then them making new impromptu vows. Of course the tears flowed. But I digress.)

I was expecting the night to be freezing which is usual during this time of the year when temperatures are lowest, but for some reason it was actually tolerable. It may be due to the fact that a storm just hit the region and so the weather patterns may have been affected (I’m guessing this) or it must have been the positive party energy. Well surely this energy kept everyone (well, this means our gang) up until 3 AM. Surprisingly, I managed not to take much alcohol aside from a few Johnnie Walker Black Label sips (I was sick all along), so I was basically sane listening to the late night conversations. But what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.





Going back to the review of the place, you’ll appreciate it even better early the next day when the sunrise explodes right at your face. It was picturesque, so whether you got sleep the night before or not, you will be obliged to wake up already and face the day literally.

Accessibility is check. Travel is quite easy and it is not hard to locate although for some reason you feel pleasantly far away from where you came from, or maybe that was me.

Price is okay. (Well we didn’t spend a penny since we were guests but I heard it’s affordable especially for groups) They offer a certain package for groups and I am pretty sure those are negotiable, and needless to say, worth it.

Facilities is okay. Practically since it is a new place, you get a sense that you’re being treated to a nicely furnished accommodation. If I had one criticism, it’s that the restroom upstairs was quite small. But that’s just nitpicking.

Now my verdict. I would definitely recommend this new destination to groups who want to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to families and friends for reunions, and just to anyone who wants to experience some nice views not so far from reality.


Credits: Timog Dagat  for the nicer quality photos in here (particularly the first and last shots. Love them)



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