“The Lord is my shepherd. I lack nothing.” – Psalm 23:1

I know what you’re thinking. It’s off-brand, atypical, unlikely for me to include, much less start a post with a bible verse. Believe me, I am surprised myself. It’s just that I chanced upon this verse on Facebook and saved it immediately to my phone. It must have been my angels working on me. It has since been stuck in my head, hence this post.

No, I am not miraculously changing to an entirely different, spiritually-enlightened person imbued with cosmic wisdom and turn this blog into a life-changing experience.


We were chatting over lunch a while ago when Che, this pre-teen girl whose family was among the victims of a fire in the area near our office building, came in to claim her food. (Our company has an ongoing feeding program to which Che is one of the beneficiaries).

Naturally, we first asked her how she was. She said she was “Okay man po”. I wouldn’t be, if it happened to me. Upon our prying, she began narrating in bits how they escaped the fire. Apparently, the cause was faulty electric wiring, and considering that most houses are made of light materials, it is no surprise that the fire quickly spread. It doesn’t help that the area is quite congested.

Che and her family weren’t able to save much from their house – although she said she was able to recover copies of the birth certificates. Her mother, who works for their family of six children, was luckily present when the fire happened, she shared.

We also learned Che has lost her father when she was just in first grade.


So why did I start with Psalm 23:1?

One word: Gratitude.



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