To you who’s writing this.

I understand you now, believe me. I think you crave attention more than anything. I think we all do. But maybe you just lust for it more than some. It feeds you. It feeds your very soul.

You thirst for it; you thirst for the little compliments; you thirst for the appreciation.

But it does not mean you need attention to validate yourself. It does not mean you aren’t self-sufficient. It does not mean you are weak.

In fact, you know yourself so well. You know your truths. You accept your peculiarities. You have mastered the art of loving yourself above and more than anything.

You don’t need nobody.

Well you are mistaken. I am sorry to burst your bubble but you cannot possibly make it without everyone. Deep inside you, you want that warmth from other people, people that matter. You want to hear them say your name in ways only they can do. You want them to honor you, praise you, worship you.

You are just a freaking attention whore!

And nothing is wrong with that. Don’t you dare feel bad about wanting to be recognised in a crowd, called by your precious name, remembered for your awesomeness. Because you are.

Don’t feel guilty about wanting to be loved.

But you still think you’re better off alone and untouched. Although that’s lonely. And you masquerade your loneliness with what might appear to others as strength of character. You cannot fool yourself, it’s just a facade.

Inside you’re just another human with feelings.

Unfortunately people are intimated. What they see is a house, locked, gated, guarded. They don’t see a home.

And so you remain alone in that house, waiting for borrowed moments when those that were handed out keys could pay a visit. Only moments.

You are whole.
You are enough.
You are happy, aren’t you?


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