A Weekend Amidst Dos Montes

It IS almost summer again and just like that, 2017 has already spent two months of itself repeating cycles. And it can get exhausting! Temperature is rising and so is the extreme pressure to get out there and experience life, nature, and what not. Go hiking, sleep under the stars, party by the beach! Alright. Too much daydreaming.

While those options above would have been great, they can still wait until summer officially kicks in, right? For now, we can do the next best thing – a quick weekend getaway!


So, this will be a photo blog of #BestTeamEver’s recent Team Building (TB) activity at Dos Montes Hillside Spring Resort in Malilipot, Albay. Here is their website, to know more about our destination.

Dos Montes, which literally means two mountains, is located around 30 to 45 minutes away from Legazpi City. You have an option to board (via commute) a van, jeepney, or a bus (our preferred ride) to take you to the location, and the fare is around 20 to 50 pesos each depending on your choice of vehicle. Once you reach a landmark welcome arch that says “This Way to Dos Montes Resort” at the left side of the highway, you can ride or hire a padyak or a tricycle into the resort itself for another five minutes or so. Or, if you are game for it like us, you could just walk leisurely which would take a little longer but would be good to give yourself some nice views of green fields and mountains.

It is actually already my second time at this resort; the first was during a friend’s birthday party in September last year. But this recent check-in is of course with a different group, hence a different experience, plus we also stayed overnight this time so I knew I would get to know the place better.

The resort has three swimming pools (but I guess one was under maintenance), a choice of cottages of different sizes, function halls, and rooms. In our case, we pre-booked a dorm-type AC room for 20 pax, which cost around 5,000PHP and a cottage for 300PHP. For cooking and grilling, there is an area where you could prepare your own food, which is a requirement since there is no party without some good old smoked meat, right? Additionally, they have a convenience store right inside the resort for basic necessities, just in case you forgot something from your list.




Aside from swimming and unlimited photos, we also got to bond over a few drinks, laugh really hard, have dinner together, and just be silly the whole night. We did everything aside from work, basically. We even held a mini pageant! So you could say we’re crazy. But of course, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, indefinitely.


The morning after, it felt like the spring water flowing unto the pool was even colder. What I appreciate about spring resorts is that the water feels healthier and more fluid, in a sense. Or maybe that’s because it literally falls down from the mountains. Trivia: The resort is only a few minutes away from Busay Falls but we couldn’t drop by since we were pressed for time. That could happen next time.




Overall, our stay was fine and comfortable. The shower areas and comfort rooms, which I always check and scrutinize in resorts I go to, were all functioning well. The attendants and caretakers were also generally responsive to queries and requests.

Although we enjoyed the walking to and from the resort itself, it can be tiring especially under the sun. So it would be advisable to arrange a service vehicle beforehand since the tricycles may not always be available to fetch you in and out.



Obviously, it was yet another epic weekend with these guys who I have been with literally for seven days the whole week. Beat that! Although, it would have been more fun-filled had more of our workmates been able to attend, this was supposed to be a “team building” effort after all.

Nevertheless, Dos Montes was a wonderful weekend home, especially when you bring your family with you.



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