#LostInIlocos | Wind, Warmth, Water

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”- Francis Bacon

(Part 2 of 3) DAY 2. Pagudpud Strolling

Mornings at Ilocos are always warm. Considering how the previous day went, it was already expected that another grueling second day will be up for us under the blazing sun. And we can’t complain.

First item on the itinerary is Cape Bojeador Lighthouse which is also known as Burgos Lighthouse named after the town where it is located. Built during the Spanish era, the structure may be reached through a quick tricycle ride for 50 pesos (max of three people) upwards and another ride down to the highway. Be prepared to take beautiful snaps of the scenic surroundings – the lake and greenery from the tower base. And to this date, the lighthouse still functions.

The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Bangui is difficult to reach. You would need a 100-peso horse ride to the site itself, although you can use a trail for walking. Well, we sadly did not risk reaching the rock formation as it was severely scorching, so we just bought some souvenirs at the shops by the seaside nearby and took photos of the Bangui Windmills at the same location.

We had lunch at Pagudpud, where one of the eateries served, wait for it, BAGNET! Okay, to be honest, bagnet is simply our lechon kawali but according to locals, the secret to their famed dish is in the way it is cooked. Apparently, they deep-fry the large pork parts three times to achieve the best balance of tender and crunch. Well, it did not disappoint. Perfect paired with the Ilocano Pinakbet which does not have kalabasa.

After our quick lunch, we also had time to take photos of and with the Windmills in Pagudpud. Ilocos Norte must really be bent on harnessing green energy through their initiatives because aside from their windmills in Burgos, Bangui, and Pagudpud, they also started a solar power plant to help supply and sustain their energy needs. Go green!

The Patapat Viaduct is interesting as it connects Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan Valley Region. More than the scenic view of the Pacific, tourists also enjoy taking risky photos literally ‘on the edge’ although not advised.


Finally, to wrap up Day 2 we visited the Blue Lagoon where the prominent Hannah’s Resort and Convention Center is located. The beach was literally peppered with tourists when we came, coincidentally since it was both Holy Week and Summer Vacation season. Aside from swimming, other activities that could be tried are zipline (which they say one of the longest there is in the world) and aquatic rides offered by Hannah’s.

I was hoping I could get me some vitamin sea but the beach was overpopulated and I don’t think it was the time of the year when the ocean was prettiest. But then, some real nice strawberry ice scramble (slurpee meets shake) and the view of the ocean was enough to cap off Day 2.



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