What Lasts in Last Night


I had the perfect mood to think about this review while nakasabit sa jeep, feeling the polluted air against my cheeks, and staring at the moon on my way home #LastNight

Because I had read some reviews before actually watching the film, I have already set questions and expectations for myself. The reviews were mixed, and I understand why there were a couple of not so pleasant ones. It’s not a movie that everybody will like.

In fact, it’s hard to file the Bb. Joyce Bernal film into a certain genre. Is it a romance? A romcom? A dark romcom? A horror film? Nevermind. What’s sure is that it’s nothing like a film you see all the time from Star Cinema, props partly go to the screenplay by Bela Padilla.

Going back to my “questions”, it didn’t take half an hour to find my answer, because there were just too many clues given early in the film. The symbolism were a little too obvious at least for me, or maybe because I had a preset bias early on. Also, the end half gave out so much. It chose to tell rather than show. Somehow the mystery that the film tried to build got lost.

But I digress.

The film tackles suicide. I understand how some movie watchers called it out for “trivializing” and “simplifying” an otherwise very complex condition. My guess is that the story struggled to decide what it wanted, and maybe it settled to showing an unusual ‘love story’, first and foremost.

In that case, the film delivered. Toni and Piolo played roles that fit them. I have to say Toni’s final scenes showcased a different side to her, vulnerable and almost real.

All things in, Last Night was a new experience. More than the flaws, what matters is how it makes you feel leaving the cinema. And I did take away some feelings, which is something because otherwise I’m dead inside. Sabeh?


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