Your Blogger

One forgotten day, this little blog was born out of sheer curiosity. Like its author, it does not know the purpose it exists for, but it wants to exist. It wants to be alive, and not just live. It dreams to be something, although nothing in particular.

This blog tells the story of a child lost within himself – clueless of what he is supposed to be. A medium that leads him into seeing his own life in the perspective of an outsider. A gate into his own walled world.

This little blog is a storage of tiny bits of beautiful things and what not, a memoir, a journey. Years from now, when streaks of grey start to appear in the author’s hair, this existence will be a time machine that shall take him back to years and years of his youth. It aims to bring back moments of happiness, of hope, of laughter, of people, of pain, of dreams, of failure, of sadness, of loss, of love, of adventure, of searching, of finding, of living  – through the tiny capsules of a hundred or so words.

But more than words, there will be colors and feelings and sensations. The waves of the sea, the hot cup of coffee, the sunset, the cold December breeze, the goodbye and hello, friends, they will be like pieces to a puzzle.

Let the blog breathe a life like that of its author.


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